Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New Diaper Cake Designs!

We are moving some designs out and moving new ones into our store to welcome in the Fall Season!!

Thank you to all our customers with all your help expanding our store we are excited to add new 2 Tier Diaper Cake options, we added new shipping options to give everyone the best prices for shipping and 15 brand new designs, several of them designed for the Fall and Winter Seasons!

We also have quite a few season neutral designs, including a Baby Under Construction, Llama and Cactus Themes and the Little Mermaid!

All are available now! So catch yours and plan your Little Pumpkin showers today!

Monday, April 2, 2018

Top 5 2018 Baby Shower Themes

Today I'm hoping to talk about what the most popular 2018 Baby Shower themes are this year!

There have been so many, and of coarse there are the classic pink and blue themes but we've noticed a trend in some of these themes this year and wanted to share them with all of you who are still trying to pick that perfect baby shower theme for your new addition!

#1 Elephant Theme Blue and Gray or Blue and Gray Color Theme

Either way, this one seems to be a big hit with the little boys.  The colors are just the right blend that it gives a sort of elegance to the little boys baby shower.

You can even swap the gray and silver for white and it gives it the Rustic French style look which is also pretty popular this year!

Some people like to include the chevron silver and white instead of the plain gray or blue and white chevron with plain silver or white.  Any combination of these colors leaves the perfect elegance but it also allows more than just a simple "It's a Boy" theme for those looking for something different.

#2 Elephant Theme Pink and Gray or Pink Zebra Color Theme

 Just like the Blue and Gray Elephant theme, the Pink and Gray Elephant Theme is also highly popular, just as much as the Pink Zebra theme that's been sprouting up everywhere!

Funny as it seems, gray seems to be the perfect add on to every baby shower.  Once it was considered dull but this year and even last year it's been considered an elegant touch to any baby shower. 


And then, of coarse, replace the gray with black and you get the Zebra or Safari Pink Theme.  It's amazing how changing just one color can change the entire look of a baby shower!

#3 Elephant Theme and You are my Sunshine Yellow and Gray Theme 


Of coarse you can choose whatever colors you'd like, Green and Gray or Red and Gray but Yellow and Gray are the primary colors for the neutral Elephant Theme Baby Shower and it is also used in the popular "You are my Sunshine" Baby Shower Theme.
I was actually very surprise the light gray and yellow worked together but the gray really emphasizes the yellow sun in the decorations!


#4 Sweet as Can Bee and What will it Bee? Gender Reveal Themes

 Bumble Bees aren't new and with Spring coming into full swing they are a classic popular choice, but new mothers and fathers have learned to put a spin on it and turn it into the famed Gender Reveal parties!

#5 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Gender Reveal Theme.

For our 5th and final popular Baby Shower Theme, this is a fun Baby Shower Theme for both boy and girl or both or even just a neutral theme!  Or! You can go so far as to add the "How I Wonder What you Are"  section to it and turn it into a Gender Reveal.

With Gold and Gray being so popular on the 2018 color wheel, you can't go wrong with the Twinkle Twinkle.  There are even a few Baby Shower themes where you can do all Gold, all Silver or a Rustic theme with both!  There's just no telling where you can take this theme or what colors you can use!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Newest Diaper Bassinet in white and purple!

We haven't had a new bassinet in quite awhile and worked to put together a classic one.
This one is also, limited time only.  Once it is gone, it is gone and there are only a total of 8 available right now so if you're looking for that perfect theme to match your Baby Shower of purple or white, this will fit right in!

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

I can't tell you how excited I was to make this Teddy Bear Theme.

The colors are my personal favorite and we customized our own little Teddy Bear to match the theme!

You are my Sunshine Baby Shower Theme

With Spring just around the corner, "You are my Sunshine" theme is also coming back into view!

With the beautiful yellow and silver combination, it follows the simple yet bright cheery theme for the new arrivals, perfect for all new arrivals, whether they're Team Blue, Team Pink or Team Green!

Sweet as Can Bee - Bumble Bee Theme

This one is one of my personal favorite diaper cakes we have in our little stash.

The Bumble Bee theme is a classic spring theme we see going around and the "What will it Bee?" and "Sweet as Can Bee" Baby Shower themes are one of the top used themes this 2018!

Black with Blue Mustache Diaper Cake

I know this isn't Teal, but, we were aiming to get as close as possible to the Teal colors for our second mustache cake and are really enjoying the outcome to this little 3 Tier Cake.


Available now!